Hi there, I'm Leslie and I'll just start out by saying that a career in fashion and owning my own business have not always been dreams of mine. Throughout the past seven years I've bounced around from college to college and tested out my fair share of majors, took a few risks and 'wound up making some pretty drastic changes. Once I landed on fashion & completed my degree I continued to bounce from retail job to retail job, working in sales, customer service, and trying my hand at management; needless to say I was not feeling fulfilled. I have always loved styling, but designing always frightened me. Sure, I can sew, but creating my own clothing... that was out of the picture. While half asleep [a magic place where all good things come together] this little creation was formed. I'd already created my style, all I needed now was a name. After completing an overwhelming amount of research I pulled together all that I had learned from my four or so areas of study and created my own happiness! I hope you enjoy The Simple Seam as much as I have creating it. -